I was scouring the web this morning when I ran across a Youtube Creators Playbook. Techcrunch had this cool little Youtube Creators Playbook with 70 pages worth of strategy for getting your Youtube video out to a larger audience. This was actually created by Youtube, so definitely worth a read!

A lot of the information in the Youtube Creator’s Playbook is common sense items, such as create quality content, engage your readers as soon as possible, and also post regularly.They also describe how you should optimize your videos for Youtube search, plan your videos, analyze what works, and more.

Youtube Creators Playbook

Youtube Creators Playbook Highlights!

70 pages of action packed information what do you talk about first! This is such a cool document that just redefines how I want to approach my Youtube videos and hopefully you will as well!

First, I need to use the Youtube tools more for extra viewers! Not to say that I do not use Youtube insights or have not played around with their editing tools. However, generally I edit information prior to uploading my videos. I think I need to use more of their services, such as the annotations to let people have static subscribe to me messages on your video! How cool is that?

Second, some of the ideas they have for keywords and descriptions to get additional traffic are further than what I am doing currently. For example, they mention how you should list your social networks on the description, plus how to make your videos keyword rich in order to get additional traffic. It is just like writing a post for your blog.

Third, they even go into channel optimization to get the most out of your channel. Tips, such as putting a skin on your Youtube channel. That is something that I used to have and then just forgot to put it back up. This is a great way to draw people into the uniqueness of your site.

Fourth, they detail how you can set up an entire production schedule around making money on Youtube videos. Additionally, at the end of the Youtube Creators Playbook they have a checklist to help make it easy for you to do.

So what next? Go through the Youtube Creators Playbook and start determining what you need to do to create a better Youtube experience for your audience to get more views and more quality traffic to your sites. Then create a video and see how much more traffic you get from that video! Plus, watch my video tomorrow as I go through this topic.

Youtube Creators Playbook Awesomeness!