Everyone has a passion in life that makes them appreciate the now. It takes you away from the challenges of life and helps you understand the beauty that exists in the world. It is the lens you want to see the world in. My wife has such a lens to view the world. Her’s is a photographic one. She loves photography from the angle of how to take the shot to waiting for the exact second when you click the camera to moment when the picture appears on her camera screen. A sense of pride can be felt watching her carefully examine her latest moment in time. Then as she loads the pictures into her computer and goes through them again evaluating, which ones have the right to stand among the best of her pictures the joy grows as she admires the work.

Professional At Work-Please Move Aside!

For those of you who read this blog regularly the question now appears. What does taking some pictures have to do with social networking? The answer is everything and nothing all at the same time. We always talk about how to network online. It is just as important to know why you are out there networking in the first place.

Everyone has a passion. For my wife, it is clearly photography. She could do this for a profession, and plans to do so. She is talented enough that for her to start social networking it would all be about the photo, that moment where people just sit in wonder through the ages.

With technology today, she has the ability to not only express her passion through her camera, but the ability to easily share it with people around the world. That leads to my passion: social networking.

Every day I write a new blog post, because it is something that I like to do. I have a passion for using the technology out there to communicate with the world and make sure that this form of communication is not only available, but understood by the businesses that must start using it to survive. I am part of change in society, and making a difference working with these companies makes me feel all the better as I go out there and help them understand, not just Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and WordPress, but online communication in general.

Our passions feed us!

Our passions are the place where we go to when we need an escape,when we need to picture our place in the universe, and the place where we are most effective at helping people and building a better world for others and our self. That is why I love watching my wife at work on a camera. She exudes passion and brings that passion to life. Those who can bring their passion to life are the ones who make a difference in the world.