twitting foolYou Twitting fool! It’s a Tweet. I say they with the greatest fondness in the world. Your lack of understanding is acceptable, but for you to publicly state that I am a twitting fool completely misses the point of Twitter and even your understanding of the terminology. Basically you are making fun of something you do not understand for a quick joke to hide your twitting ineptitude. I find it funny, I find it kind of sad (Note to self: Do not sing Tears For Fears in your blog).

Therefore, I make this public declaration that everyone is hereby by commanded to stop telling that “twitting” joke, because it lost it’s humor a long time ago. Now, on to the important people who want to expand their minds and learn about Twitter.

A lot of people are starting to take those first adventurous steps into the hinterlands of Twitter. As they walk gingerly around Twitter, some will seek enlightenment in 140 characters, and others will just not get it.

I have decided to give up on the giver uppers. Those who feel that Twitter is not worth their time. That creating relationships with hundreds and thousands of people around the world is just not worth it. I mean, heck, they think of as Twitting fools, but who is to say that the connection you make with someone through Twitter in England can not be your next client. Or better yet, they check out an amazing blog post and discover all the great services you offer and share it with all of their followers and then their followers.

Instead, it is best to let this go. Those who do not understand Twitter will either never use it, or I will have to wait for their epiphany moment. That point where they realize it is worth having a Twitter account to help promote your brand, enhance your customer service, and also keep promotions floating in front of your customers.

So, I implore you my good tweeples to fight the obscenity, the horror, the pain, the shame of the twitting fool who decides to use the joke that all people on Twitter are twits!