I sometimes have a belief in which one of my ideas will find massive success. Let’s be unrealistic here for a moment. If everyone I know not in the industry tells me no, then I might be onto something brilliant.

Now, here is the rub! That brilliant idea might take two weeks to work or it might take two years or even in some cases twenty years. The difference between these goals is simply a challenge in persistance.

Is this like your talk on consistency? Well, consistency definitely plays a part in persistence. However, you also have to have a strong constitution to stomach the delays, challenges, and objections to become a great entrepreneur. Listen to the stories of great business people throughout history and they all have the stories they relish above all else about the time they faced certain failure, only to come up with a solution that saved the business at the last second.

So what has caused this sudden welling of be stubborn enough to never quit post? Well, I was reading a post by someone on Warrior Forum.

His basic assumption was that he had been at internet marketing for 1 year and was now ready to quit, because he only made $1000 in one year. Good idea! Quit right before you are successful. Yeah, that is the ticket!

Here is my thought. You do internet marketing on the side, because you want retirement money in the next 7 years when you plan to live the great live on a beach in a hut next to the ocean!

If you stick with this for 7 years and learn how to double your income every year for the next 7 years then by year 7 your income would be $64,000/year. By that time social security might still even be around, so add in an extra $5/month for social security as well and you are set for life.

Now, I am not saying that you need to be in an industry long past it’s usefulness. Instead, I am simply stating that you have to give it a true shot to succeed.

If you are really ready to make it successful you do not announce that you are quitting on a public forum. If you told people that you want to quit now publicly, how long have you been privately sabotaging your own efforts at success.

I have been there. I understand that when everything stinks you want to give up! I once had $500 cash from a client. I looked at it compared with the mountains of debt that I owned and said, I could deposit this and do what is necessary or hop on the next flight out of country. I stayed!

When you choose to stay you win a battle that no one can ever take away from you! So, I realize that this post is not the traditional how to use social networking discussion we generally have on this blog. Instead, this is a get your head straight and your business will follow in that direction talk. That is why you have to be stubborn enough to never quit! So you can win!