You have a hot prospect come in the door today! You are excited! They tell you about their needs, you know you have the right solution. They like your product or service, but will not commit at the current time. Bam! Their goes your commission check that would pay for your car payment! The fact is that when you are using social networking, internet marketing, blogging, marketing, or even sales you need readers and subscribers who become prospects and prospects who become clients.

I talk a lot about relationship building, which is crucial to building your business. However, there comes a point when you have to be able to convert your prospects, readers, friends, followers, fans, connections, and subscribers into clients. It is a magical word that automatically puts money in your mind and your pocket.

That is why I want to discuss three ways to start converting your prospects into clients. A lot of these strategies work great with a blog or website.

  1. Email Marketing- Do you capture emails from your readers on your blog? What about capturing emails from your Facebook fan page?  Or your website? If not, then you need to change that. I could give you a million reasons why, but the simplest reason is that people will not buy from you the first time they see your site. Instead, they will check you out. When they feel comfortable with you they will come back. Having an email sign up with a free offer is the incentive to come back, and also the nudge they need from you to do so. Quick, shameless affiliate plug: I use Aweber, because it is a really easy system for people who want to opt-in to your list, and also has a great auto-responder system.
  2. Take the relationship to the next level. Have a way to drive interested prospects to the next level. For me, I use a scheduling system from Fieldtrax to schedule free 30 minute Skype conversations with prospects. Social Networking and Blogging for most businesses are the beginning of the sales process. How do you intend to get to the next step?
  3. Are your offers working? There are some offers that just do not work. I was testing out a few months ago, sign up for my site to win a free 2 hour training session with me. It was a disaster. My opt-in’s dropped to next to nothing as my site traffic was increasing. Test, test, and test some more to see what works.

Let me know which one of these methods works best for you? Or better yet, which combination of these methods works best? Let us know how you found converted your prospect.