I’m cramped in my seat right now typing on my phone as I write this blog post.

It is a cold, frigid day, and I am on my way to work. The morning commute is fine. The one thing that makes taking the train worse than driving to work is that I can’t use tools like dragon talk to speak. Well, I could, but I would sound crazy. That is why I need better writing mobile apps. 

These writing mobile apps can help me create better content even while I am on the go dodging other commuters. 

The cool thing about writing on my mobile device is the smart technology that attempts to predict my next word. Like a little game of what comes next.

Below is a list of a few of my favorite tools for content creation from a mobile app.

5 Mobile Content Creation Tools

1. WordPress for an avid WordPress user like myself, it makes sense to use the WordPress mobile app to write content directly in the source. The WordPress mobile app allows you the freedom to do this wherever you are. You can even add media, publish articles, and respond to comments straight from the mobile app.

WordPress Mobile App

2. Microsoft Word Mobile– If you don’t have a WordPress site, then you might want to consider the Microsoft Word app to write and edit your content. While it might not have all the options you would use with your traditional Word document on a desktop, you can still create content on the go.

Microsoft Word Mobile

3. Grammarly- This mobile writing app is a godsend if you miss the small edits when you are writing on a regular basis. As someone who at times averaged 40,000 words per week, I can tell you that mistakes happen.

Grammarly reduces the number of mistakes you make, so you can produce a better piece of content.


4. Upwork- if you don’t have the time or the desire to write all your content from scratch, then it makes sense to outsource this task to someone more talented or likely to create your content.

Upwork is the largest freelancer site in the world. They have writers and editors to help you with your content needs.

While the app is not perfect, it provides a launch pad for you to message your current contractors on the go.

Upwork Mobile on Android

5. Google Docs– the final app today is Google Docs. While Microsoft Word has better editing capabilities, Google Docs has better sharing capabilities.

Plus, it is free.

Google Docs on Android Mobile Device

Final Thoughts

Now that you have some great mobile content creation tools, it is time to start writing.

Start by letting me know in the comments, which mobile content app we shared above you liked the most. Or if you have one we missed, let us know why it is valuable.