I love writing a blog. The thrill of being able to communicate with a large number of people. The awesome comments and communication that arises from doing this blog is a huge boost to me.

There is one downside however. I do get a number of spammers pushing their products through the comment section. Normally I allow this to go, because it is small in comparison to the large benefits of this blog. However, I have had one account recently step up their spamming to unacceptable levels. I have contacted them through email and let them know that enough is enough and if they continue to do this I would point out their overstep publicly.

Not surprisingly they overstepped, so here is the culprit: WordPressrobot.com. They have unscrupulously pushed their $160 auto-blogging system on me for too long. The system might have merit, but it has been destroyed by the marketing tactics that they have employed.

They are not looking to work with people. Instead they are looking to annoy people with their irrelevant posts that I feel do not add to the user experience.

I have employed auto-blogs on other site, and do not condemn the practice. Instead, my challenge is that you do not use someone else’s blog as your own personal playground to annoy and bully the readers with your products.

I am sure that was not the intent of this website. However, the result is the same and now I must ask them publicly to stop using my blog for their comments. I will not and have not approved your spam comments in the past, nor will I continue to approve them in the present and the future. If you would like to respond to this post with one of your own that articulates why I should allow your comments. I would be open to that, as long as they address how you will change your marketing tactics and the reason why they were employed in the first place.