The “Work Smarter Every Day” video below came out of a thought I had a few weeks ago, about how I need to be more effective with my time. I love what I do, but unfortunately my business can be very time-consuming when you are not observant of time. I figured, if I am having challenges with this as a social networking schmoozer then there are other business professionals having the same challenge.

So I started looking at different web and social networking tools to help me work smarter.

So take note of the video below as you find new methods to work smarter. The reality is that if we just apply some of the tools below, and use simple concepts, such as the 80/20 principle and creating clear objectives everyday you can work smarter.

So take an inventory of what you are doing now to work smarter, and then what you need to improve upon. Whatever your worst trait is focus on that for the next 21 days to turn it into a habit. You will be working smarter by the end of those 21 days by forming a better habit. Do it again for another area until you are an expert at them all. Then brush up on each of these areas once a month, so you do not lose touch with your new habits.

Finally, share this information with others. I know that I could always work smarter. Post a comment below letting us know what your best tip is for working smarter every day. The winner will receive Social Networking On Your Terms free. This is a podcast produced by Lisa Blacker and myself discussing strategies on how to use social networking effectively.

Now work smarter!