Today’s video will discuss how to use the wordpress RSS feed plugin.  We will include everything from how to set up an RSS feed to how to included it on your blog for additional traffic.

To clarify, an RSS feed is a feed that will update your subscribers whenever you publish a new post.

For example, my RSS feed is:

This is the feed you can use to keep track of all my amazing, never biased, sparkling diamond posts about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube, and WordPress. (Hm! Hm! That was a Hm! Hint to Subscribe!)

The video below will show you the entire process of how to set up a WordPress RSS feed plugin

WordPress RSS Feed Plugin Video


WordPress RSS Feed Plugin Comment

So, because I want to know that people have their RSS feed set up I am going to offer one of the following two ideas based upon your experience with RSS feeds.

1. For those who already have an RSS feed I am offering the chance for you to include a comment below that includes your RSS feed. Generally I remove links that go out to other sites, so this is the exception and not the rule today for your RSS feed only. Also include what you have used your RSS feed for as well in the past or currently. Do not just copy and paste the link.

2. For those who need to create an RSS feed, follow the video above and then feel free to include your RSS feed like I mentioned for step one above.

No go forth and become the master of your WordPress RSS Feed Plugin!