Just wanted to do a final post for WordCamp Chicago 2012. This was an awesome event and I want to just post a final few thoughts before I forget.

First of all, there is no way for me to talk about all of the sessions over the past few days. Once the full speaker SliderShare list comes out I will update this post with all of the information.

Second, you never really how much you do not know until you are the only content writer in a room full of WordPress developers and designers. I have always had a great appreciation for what they do, but I also know more and more that I have no intention of actually learning all the weird items developers have to learn to stay up-to-date.

Third, I wish the internet at Depaul worked better, so I could add some extra posts.

However, it is time to not worry about the third item, because here are the blog posts I wrote over the past few days that are choke full of great info.

Live Blogging This Weekend From WordCamp Chicago 2012 with Lisa Ghisolf

WordPress Plugin Best Practices with Dan Pastori

WordCamp Chicago 2012 and Woocommerce by Aaron Holbrooke, Brad Parb,  Dusty, and Mike.


Coolest conversations for me at the event were the Ecommerce and also The WP Speed sessions, so I can get this blog to load faster. However, I was told that my speech on Blog Traffic was pretty cool as well.

Even better were the amazing connections at the event. Sitting around people that amazing at what they do is an honor. Plus, it was a really cool experience. Great conversations over WordPress at 10 PM in the bar is my type of really nerdy fun.

So a quick shout out to Heather, all the speakers and volunteers who made this a great WordCamp Chicago 2012 conference.