Live Blogging from the e-commerce session of WordCamp Chicago as the speakers are talking about how cool Woocommerce is as an e-commerce platform on WordPress. As someone with limited knowledge of Woocommerce I really am enjoying this session. This free theme even has paid extensions to work with affiliate extensions and other plugins. Awesome!

Woocommerce is an open source WordPress Theme that you can use for your WordPress e-commerce solutions. The theme is actually free. However, depending upon the extensions that you need they can be paid options.

I was able to download Woocommerce in about 1 minutes. This seems like an ideal solution for me to update Expect to see me talking more about this theme in the near future as you watch me tear up Smart At The Start to switch up the themes over the next few weeks. It is in desperate need of an update. That means officially WordCamp Chicago is now a Jackpot event!

By the way, the WordCamp Presenters on e-commerce here on WordCamp are:

Dustin Fillipini @dustyf
Aaron Holbrook @aaronjholbrook
Mike Zielonka @mikezielonka
Brad Parbs @bradparbs

Quick note that they also mentioned Jingoshop as well as a WordPress e-commerce solution.

To be continued as I play around with Woocommerce shortly.