The biggest question to answer about marketing today, is why social networking works? Why does social networking work for so many different businesses and organizations looking to grow their business in the largest economic downturn of the past 80 years?

The answer is in how we as humans interact best through our multiple intelligences. The theory of multiple intelligences by Howard Gardner has revolutionized education over the past 25-30 years. In fact, he cites 9 different ways that children learn. When I was a teacher, it was probably the single most influential read that I had for teaching children, because understanding the different ways they learned allowed me to more effectively help my students understand the material.

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Without going through the encyclopedic version of his theory, he basically states that everyone have different intelligences that they excel at. The idea behind these intelligences is that you can teach anyone to learn about a subject, when you teach to those intelligences. Teach math to children by having them play with blocks (kinesthetic intelligence). Educate kids on the importance of literature by turning Shakespeare plays into musicals (this could be musical, but also linguistic and interpersonal intelligences). Or maybe have a child discover science by discovering anatomy through understanding their body and reactions to those feelings (interpersonal).

The crucial part is that everyone learns and interacts with the world differently. That is why social networking works so well for such a huge number of people across the world. We all understand the world in a different light. Whether it be through pictures, sound, videos, articles, or updates. We all get to learn from others the way like best.

So, I can include a video here about my cats, and describe them in writing without having to see if you understand what I am describing.

As a business, you should be excited about this. You no longer are limited to just one form of media when selling. Multiple platforms exist to help you educate your customers, and retain their services. There is no better place to be then right now, if you are about helping your customer achieve their goals. Because we have amazing tools at our disposal to help us enrich our clients lives through understanding how to most effectively use your networking marketing

That is why social networking works! We are not limited to help one segment of the population. Instead, we have different tools out there to help everyone understand our products and benefit from them.

So, tell us why social networking works for you?