In yesterdays post, getting website traffic that matters, we discussed how to get website traffic and some of the major sources that this blog uses.

What we did not talk about why this traffic so important to your business. So, let’s discuss this today.

Why is website traffic important

1. How Many Visitors Become Clients

Not every visitor to your site will buy from you. In fact, statistically, even if your site is a rock star it will probably only convert 5% of your visitors into clients. That means you need to get 100 people to your site in order to turn them into customers. With modern websites, it is important to remember that this requires a lead generation funnel.

Therefore, if 100 people visit your site, then how many will become subscribers? Let’s use the 5% model above for reference. 3-5 email subscribers. Out of these 3-5 subscribers maybe 1 will eventually be a client. Let’s take this scenario further. Your client now pays you $500/month. Can you live off $500/month? If you live almost anywhere in the continental United States, the answer is no.

Maybe you then need 1,000 visitors per month. That way you can attract 10 clients paying you $5000/month.

Now, I want to get to the depressing part of this conversation. The average conversion rate on a landing page according to WordStream is 2.35%. Therefore, to get your 10 clients at this rate, you need 2,127 visitors to your site.

The key is that you need targeted visitors to come to your site.

2. Turning subscribers into clients take time

Unfortunately, people do not always buy at the snap of a finger. I tried with lackluster results. It takes time to develop a readership and then even longer to have them buy from you.

Lots of traffic means a lot more opportunities to create these relationships.

At various points in my career, I looked into how to jumpstart traffic to my site. Sometimes it works, and more often then not it takes time to develop quality traffic. If you keep plugging away at what matters most to your business you can almost always be successful. However, that rarely happens at the snap of a finger.

Final Thoughts on Website Traffic

There is definitely a correlation between quality traffic and sales. Just keep in mind that you have to have an action plan to go from website traffic to the client.