Google’s quarterly PageRank Update has come and gone without almost any word from the SEO and internet marketing community. The question is why are so few internet marketers taking notice of the most recent PageRank Update? Especially with the recent Google Penguin updates people were anxious to find out how this would affect their rankings.

To clarify, PageRank is the ranking Google gives every site between 0-10. Ten being the highest and 0 generally reserved for new and banned sites. AndyNathan.Net for example has a PageRank of 4. The site got a boost from the recent PageRank Update.

Also, FYI, Google makes a number of changes to their algorithm every year to ensure their search engine is working properly. The bigger Google algorithm changes have names like Google Panda and Penguin.

Now that everyone is clear on how Google determines which sites get more exposure let’s look at three reasons why marketers have been quiet about the recent PageRank Update

First, the most recent update was smooth. Google hit so many of the sites they believed were violating their terms of service earlier this year with the Google Penguin update. Not as many sites now needed to change.

Second, they did not upset a lot of webmasters. When Google over-steps their role as a search engine watch dog protests start popping up in the website community. Search engine specialists and website owners start discussing the matter on forums and start sending in requests via Google Webmaster Forums and Support.

Third, Google their PageRank update on a quarterly basis. Because of the quarterly updates, the possibility for a larger the number of websites affected at one time is diminished. In other words, because they update their PageRank so often less problems happen with each update.

Google PageRank Updates are widely anticipated by website owners and search engine agencies around the world. What sites go up and which ones take a turn for the worst is something each owner (and their respective agency) is deeply concerned. That is why the right search strategies in place will ensure the next Google PageRank is a positive one for your site.

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