“Who unfollowed me on Twitter?”

Ever have that question, when you all of the sudden lost 50-100 followers at once. The question of “who unfollowed me on twitter” becomes very important, because you need to know if it was spammers or people that did not like a post that you made. More important are the times when you create a post that people do not like, and lose followers, because this is an indication that you need to change your Twitter tactics.

Here are a few services you can use to answer the question of who unfollowed me on Twitter:

1. Who.unfollowed.me is a site where I can manually check who unfollowed me on Twitter. Great for those users who just want to check this information from time to time. The first time you check in, they do not actually give you a list. Instead, they give you a baseline of who unfollowed you recently.

2. UseQwitter.com is different in that it sends you daily emails with a list of those who have unfollowed you. Great for those busier Twitters, so they can keep a daily tab on their Twitter accounts.

3. GoodbyeBuddy.com is similar to Qwitter, except that they send you a direct message to your Twitter account. I somehow find this a little more useful, since you do not have to leave Twitter to do your unfollowing.

4. TweetAdder is more than just an unfollow system. It is a full Twitter Management system. For full disclosure, I am an affiliate with them, but use their product religiously for all of the capabilities that they have. From finding new bloggers to connect with to unfollowing the unresponsive on Twitter this is a great tool to have.

So I hope this answers the age old Twitter question of, “Who Unfollowed Me On Twitter?”