The Husband will…work…relax…enjoy the freedom!

So, as some of you know my wife is halfway around the world right now. She visited her sister in Spain and then decided to trek over to Morocco. The hippie in her could not resist. From all accounts, she is complaining of being sore from walking up the mountain, has been followed(briefly) by a strangers in the souk, and is uploading her pictures to Facebook at a rate I am pretty sure even she can not keep with right now. So, she is having the time of her life.

Then there is me. As I told all family and friends before she was leaving. I am a temporary bachelor now! Oh yeah!

Everyone waited with baited breath to discover what amazing plans I had for the next three weeks. Some of my guy friends said we should go to a strip club. I told them I really was not interested. The only thing I possibly would be into was going to the casino, which my wife “forbids”!

So, what is a guy to do in my precarious situation.Jewel Staite Hot!

First, I had a long marathon to finish up the entire series of Stargate: Atlantis. I feel like I am ready to join the crew in the Pegasus galaxy and fight the Wraith and the Replicators head on. Plus, I am now a Jewel Staite fan and have started watching the Firefly series. She is hot in a “Hi! I’m From MinnEsoTA” girl next door way! On another note, it is kind of cool to see Nathan Fillion(Castle) on Firefly as well.

Second order of business. I have been taking care of the cats who with only one person to care for them now have decided to start whining and whimpering all day long as they start to get into spots around the house they have never dared to go into before. I actually went to Starbucks Thursday just to get out of the house and be away from the cats. Is that sad?

Third, I have been working longer hours than usual. When the wife is away the husband will…work! Heck yeah! It is weird, because I am so used to stopping when she gets home at 7 at night. Sometimes I will start getting hunger pains around 9 and realize that I have to eat. However, getting a lot of things done this month. Including the new membership program that will be out by December.

Fourth, I have taken to cooking my own meals. Something my wife has not really allowed me to do in the past few years. More importantly, while I am sure that she would not have approved of everything that I did in the kitchen over the last few days. Babe, if you are reading avert your eyes now! Now! I love you! Now! I sort of messed up on the adobe sauce last night and forgot to put the meat in their for an hour. It still turned out alright, but I had a fake discussion with my wife as she corrected me on the errors of my ways. Plus, I could not resist while I was chopping onions last night I pretended that I was “Kung Fu Master” and took the knife in one hand and chopped one of the onion half’s in twain! I had fun, but imagined my wife rolling her eyes at me and I start to ROLFMAO!

Fifth, I am hanging out with my family. Going over to the parents like the cool child I am tonight! Plus, talking to my sister and grandparents about hanging out next week as well.

Sixth, I have decided for the next 3 weekends that I will not be writing on Sunday. My break to myself! Actually, I will test if I want to continue writing both weekend days anyways, because I have been thinking about scaling back permanently to 6 days.

There you go! The life and tales of Andy Nathan when the wife is away.