Blogs are everywhere these days and a great way to drum up more business is to have a strong web presence. This includes having and updating a Facebook page regularly and linking it back to a blog. A dentist’s office is still a business after all and requires clients to function. A blog is a great way to stay connected to your existing clients and seek out new ones. Plus, you can use the blog to show what kind of dentistry you are. In addition to normal things like hours of operation, a blog can be used to exhibit things like work ethic, client appreciation, raffles, and so forth.

Straight Teeth BlogThe culture of an office matters not only to the employees but to the clients as well. No one likes a dirty office with a disgruntled staff and a great way to show that your dentist’s office is not that office is through a blog. Regular updates in a conversational tone will help convey that the office is relaxed but professional. Write clearly and concisely about facts and one will consider the office efficient and skilled.

Pictures within the blog will help immensely in conveying the type of office you have. Do the employees wear uniforms or is it more laid back than that? How happy do the employees seem? A great way to convince people of a positive environment is by showing them.

If you do decide to use a blog, keep it updated. By doing this the office conveys a sense of timeliness, organization, and efficiency. If the blog is left to wither, customers will lose interest and may assume that you’re too backed up and busy to bother with something you started. This is a negative that’s easily avoidable. If you’re going to do this, go all in. Don’t stop halfway through.

If you’re new to town or just getting your dentistry off ground, a great way to introduce yourself is through a blog. There is absolutely no reason to avoid free advertising and social media outlets just because the office isn’t retail. Every company has a web presence and if you want to show that your office has a positive environment, is up-to-date, and efficient you may want to consider utilizing social media though a blog.

Patrick Toms DMD is a leading Gainesville, GA dentist that offers a full-service practice: cosmetic, implant, sedation, pediatric and general dentistry services are available. As a dentist in Gainesville, he also serves the surrounding suburbs of Atlanta.