Seriously! Why would you waste your time connecting with people half way across the planet? These people are not your target customers. Additionally, let’s be honest that Twitter is just a passing fad and this social media stuff will blow over by last year. As a former boss of mine told me a few years ago, computers are a fad as well.

People generally look at technology in either two ways: 1. What can it do to help me now? or 2. When will I not have to deal with this technology anymore.

The challenge with those beliefs are that they are not consistent with how you can use technology, or in this case Twitter. While fads come and go, you will have to deal with them, because they do not go away in a moment’s notice, especially when the trend is as large as social networking.

Secondly, whenever new technology comes out people look to figure out how quickly they can benefit from the new idea. That is not consistent with how human behavior works. Yes, some people will receive rapid rewards for being the first ones to adapt to a technology, but the vast majority of people will have to develop relationships around the technology in question. Whether it is the Radio, TV, Computer, Internet, and Social Networking. Twitter is the same way. Do not expect immediate results, instead stick with Twitter and you will see long term growth.

So, is Twitter a fad? Possibly? However, those who take none of the risks will never reap the rewards of testing out how it works. Those who do will benefit from new relationships and an understanding of how technology can change our life, so when the next great thing comes along they are ready.