I think my new Facebook fan page cover looks pretty spiffy. However, I am only slightly biased. For those of you caught unawares Facebook has created a new set of changes to their fan pages. Instead of posting yesterday, I started to absorb the new rules.

While I will have another post that goes into this more in-depth next week as I continue to learn more and delve into the possibilities of what to do with the new page here are a few points of interest to get you started. Update 10-5-12 Not sure if that ever happened. Oops!

First, they completely changed the custom pages. These are the landing pages you will see on different Facebook pages to help differentiate your page from other business pages. While they actually increased the width of these mini-websites in Facebook they also decided to remove the default landing tab. The tab where you can have new fans land when they get to your page. While it is still possible to have people land on your choice of pages from Facebook Ads (Ahem! Keep the money makers!) everywhere else people will land on Facebook fan page timelines. In order to pretend to be polite I will not insult Facebook with this monumentally disappointing decision. Maybe in another post.

Second, that brings us to Facebook timelines. While timelines have been integrated into personal pages for about 4 months now, they are making this the default page for Fan pages as well. While I have nothing against timeline, I think it is confusing to land on a page with a bunch of comments. It takes away from the feel of the page, less one saving grace.

Third, which is the Facebook cover and profile photo. Facebook’s one great decision here is to allow a Facebook fan page cover just like in the personal profiles. It gives a small window to promote who you are and not fade into the big blue Facebook panorama. Your chance to shine like a rock star.

It is also the reason why I spend a good portion of my morning working on my Facebook fan page cover. The challenge is that Facebook basically sterilized this cover, so nothing is left to remind you that it is a company, save maybe a creative logo. It is a flipping shame that they spend all this time explaining how businesses can make money through Facebook ads and pages then cut business owners right below the knees.

However, as entrepreneurs it is our responsibility to be creative. That is exactly what I did today with my new Facebook fan page cover. Take a look at the video below to get some creative ideas.

Facebook Fan Page Cover


What are your thoughts on the new Facebook Fan Page cover?