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What are the coolest automation tools for social networking? While there are hundreds and even thousands of tools out there for you to use. There are some tools that are just simply better than the rest. Let’s examine which social networking tools can help you automate your business with our David Letterman style top 10 automation tools countdown.

10 Cool Automation Tools

10. Social Oomph/Hootsuite/Tweetdeck-I have been using Social Oomph for about 3 years now. The service is really great for those who want to set your content and then forget it. It also has a bevy of features, such as daily Tweets that it sends me with all the people who mentioned my name, statistics, and RSS feeds. Tweetdeck is a great compliment, so I watch multiple lists at the same time. Hootsuite has a combination of the two, but I find it so-so for adding content. Other social media managers swear by it, which is why I included it here.

9. TweetAdder- While not as effective as it used to be 2 years ago when everyone was buzzing about Twitter and gobbling up followers by the thousands, this tool is great at simplifying your life on Twitter and finding targeted followers for your accounts. One note, I have not been using this a lot lately, because I have enough followers. For those who want to start using it, they are having you use Proxy accounts with this software.

8. Twitterfeed– This is a great social networking automation tool for those who have multiple Twitter accounts. You can send multiple RSS feeds from different sites to various Twitter accounts.

7. Ping.fm- One of the oldest aggregation tools on the web (4 whole years). Ping.fm is great for those who want a free option to send traffic out to different social networks. The great thing about Ping is that it works with about 20-30 different networks for free. The downside is  that it is outdated. They still have automatic posting to Google Buzz and have never added Google Plus.

6. Digg Digg/WP Socializer- There are a number of different plugins for social media distribution on your WordPress blog. However, these are two that I personally use. I prefer Digg Digg, but it is not working on this blog at the moment. Therefore, I am using WP Socializer. There is nothing wrong with the WP Socializer, but Digg Digg is a lot of easier to use. Now, if Digg Digg would not mess up the coding with CommentLuv and my Profit Theme life would be good.

5.NetworkBlogs- This is the only Facebook application I have ever seen that works with my blog to post directly to  my fan page. I do not know why, but every other application fails. The one flaw is that if you update your site design they do not update it for your posts to Facebook. I need to figure out how to update that without having to reset the entire RSS feed. (If ain’t broke, don’t fix it theory)

4.Oneload- For those old-time free Tube Mogul lovers, this is the updated free version of Tube Mogul made by the same people. They still have the paid version, but are in Beta to release a free version as well. So far, the results are so-so (It does not work with my Youtube account, but does connect to my Facebook and Twitter).  However, I am sure they are still perfecting everything, and the additional exposure of being able to send a video to 10-20 different video platforms is just awesome.

3. Social Traffic Plugin-This is one of the coolest WordPress plugins I have seen in years. It takes automation to a whole new level with Twitter, LinkedIn, and soon Facebook. While the product is still in Beta, it absolutely rocks. Bill Crosby, who created the plugin with Gabe Strom, will be on the Internet Marketing Night Cap next Monday night at 5:30 PM  to discuss this plugin in more depth. To find out about our Blog Talk Radio show go to the widget to the right of this post that says “Blog Talk Radio”. You can get all the information you need then.

aweber wordpress plugin2. Aweber– If I had to sign up everyone via Outlook and then send out emails to each group of people every time I had a thought, event, promotion, or something of value for I would go crazy. I mean absolutely, flipping bonkers. Plus, there are certain people that I want to send information to at certain times. It is not always a one shot deal. Even the form below is an Aweber form that I put in there, so I do not have to wonder who wants my amazing, chock full of really cool info emails (No bias here).

1. WordPress– There are so many different plugins and themes to use with WordPress that this simple platform can seemingly do everything today except for tie it’s own digital shoe. Patent Pending I am sure. From email marketing to mobile marketing to membership sites to blogs to e-commerce sites and more this platform does some amazing things for your online business.



I hope you enjoyed these automation tools. Please feel free to share them with your friends through the social share button above (Automation At Work).  Also, please note that some of the links above do contain affiliate links.  However, every product I am promoting I have either used in the past or present. None, however, have been used in the future.

In the comments below, please let me know some of your favorite social networking automation tools.