To reap the very lucrative rewards of an established online brand presence you need to be active on the internet and have a website to market your business.

You have the perfect product; you offer the most superlative service to your clients. If you’re not on the World Wide Web though, you have very little chance of reaching the people who will buy your product and pay you for your services. Having a website that is properly managed and hosted, will put your business in the fast lane of the information super highway.

The internet is one of the best platforms to market a new or even an existing business, and creating a website that really works is not beyond the means of any business. Getting it onto the internet and keeping it there is called web hosting and choosing the right web hosting company can make a difference to your online brand presence.

There are many different types of web hosting services available to suit the budget and the requirements of any business. From small start ups to large conglomerates, the choice of who will host your business website is a decision that needs to have some thought behind it.

The Five Most Common Types of Web Hosting:

  • There are free web hosting services, but they are usually filled with advertisements and may make your website look a little like spam. Free hosting is usually only recommended for personal or family websites.
  • A shared Web Hosting Service is one of the most common types of web hosting companies. Your business website will be placed on a shared server with other websites. Ranging in size from hundreds to thousands of sites all hosted by the same server, this type of hosting comes with most of the features and applications that are needed by a business.
  • A dedicated web hosting service means that the business gets their own slice of a server, without having to pay the overall cost of having a private server. It does mean that the business is responsible for security and maintenance of the server slice.
  • A Virtual Private Server. This is a different type of service that allows a website to have access to a portion of a private server but without any of the associated costs involved in maintaining a large server on the internet.
  •  Cloud Hosting. Cloud computing is the latest technological buzzword and cloud hosting involves placing a website onto a virtual server. It is very stable, and it is economically viable because the business will only pay for the space that is used, not the potential usage.

Choosing a reliable web hosting service is an important business decision, and if made wisely it can result in an increased online brand presence, great internet business and increased revenue. Always choose a web hosting service that has a reliable and constant service, the last thing you want is for people to be looking for your website and your perfect product and not be able to find it, because the server is ‘down for maintenance’. Find a web hosting service that is online for 99% of the time, gives you daily backups and offers security from malicious software and firewalls to protect against spam.

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