I thought the time had come for a Warrior Forum review. I know in this blog we discuss a number of great ways to use Facebook, Twitter,  LinkedIn, Youtube, and WordPress. These social networks are all great and we will continue to discuss them, but I wanted to add a new site to the mix that is really not that new at all.

I have been a member of Warrior Forum for the past 3 months now. Yesterday, I decided to upgrade my account to the War Room, which is the premium version of the site. For only $37 you get an amazing list of resources that just astound me.

Everything from free reports to different software and services, the War Room is amazing resource for anyone who is using internet marketing in their business.

Actually, just being part of Warrior Forum is an awesome experience. The forum is chock full of experts in social media, search engine optimization, wordpress, and other internet marketing strategies. The other thing is that the experts on the forum are there to help you, not just to watch you flounder as you figure out what to do with a Facebook fan page or how to get more traffic from your new website.

The other part is that they have a number of courses, services, and software at ridiculously lowered or free prices. This means that you have access to some of the best software and information as it is comes out ready for you to use in order to build your business.

As you can tell I am pretty of Warrior Forum. That is the reason that I decided to do this Warrior Forum review, to show you what they have to offer and how you can use Warrior Forum for your business.

So, let me know what you think when you do your own Warrior Forum Review!