I have talked about this group in the past, but for those who have not heard about TSA (Tribe Syndication Alliance) this is your chance to get involved with a dedicated tribe of bloggers there to help you promote your blog.

This one group brought my blog from 2873 visitors per month by the end of March this year to 5,198 visitors per month by the end of April. TSA had a large part to play in this increase.

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Instead of my normal weekly webinar, I wanted to let everyone have the opportunity to see all of the benefits of being part of a community of bloggers online. So, I am partnering with TSA and their webinar coming up Wednesday night!

WARNING: Only 100 Lines Are Available
Due to the nature of this webinar we’re expecting all the lines fill up.

“Free Webinar Shows You How-To Leverage The ‘3 Step Syndication System’ & A Tribe Of 9 To Reach 75,092 Potential Prospects For Your Business All Within 30 Minutes Per Day Using FREE Tools Online…”


*** FREE, LIVE “Webinar” Wednesday, July 27th, 2011
5:00 p.m. – 6:15 p.m. Eastern Time ***

Webinar Name: The 3 Step Syndication System Revealed…
Webinar Date: July 27th 2011
Webinar Time: 5pm Eastern Time | 4pm CST | 2pm PST | 10pm UK time
Webinar Link: http://goo.gl/Vy7je/ (Register here)


This FREE webinar is for you if……

* At any point in your online blogging career, you desperately wished there was a simple way to generate more visitors to your blog which would in turn lead to more income in your pocket.

* You feel your blog content is pretty good but no matter what you do, you just CAN’T seem to get anyone to leave comments on your blog!

* You’re looking for a step-by-step system which will walk you by the hand to understand exactly how to set this all up and learn how it all works.

* You’re fed up of working on your own and not having a support network or group of friends to learn from and to ask questions whenever you need support.

*You are looking for some fast & effective ideas to help increase personal branding & exposure online!

* You’ve heard of tribes and want to know exactly how to leverage the TSA for maximum comments, traffic and relationships…


Bottom Line: On this 75-minute Webinar, you’ll learn a simple 3-step-system to help solve these challenges today!

** Step 1: To reserve your spot on the “3 Step Syndication System” Webinar – please visit the link below and submit your details to register.


Committed To Your Success,

Gavin Mountford, Kimberly Castleberry & Dave & Dawn Cook