Today I have the Virals of Love for you. This is…a special look at how to use viral video marketing through the unique lens of humor. Please keep an open mind and do not drink any beverages as you watch this video.

Other than that enjoy!

Virals Of Love

Explaining The Virals Of Love

Why did I do this video? Well, one it was Valentine’s day and it seemed expensive to mail everyone who reads this blog a card and a heart shaped candy that could have been made in 1954.

Second, I want to show you that different can be interesting to your clients. Often we are stuck in social media, afraid of what we can until we forget to act on what is possible.

Now, I am not saying you have to do exactly what I do. Then Maroon 5 would need another song called Moves Like Andy.  Instead, you need to create a niche where you can be different than your competitors. There is no better place to do this online than through viral video marketing.

Third, you do not have to be different everyday. As you might have noticed I do not do a lot of these song and dance routines often. One, so I will not blind the children. Two, because it just would not work that well (That being said, please share this so I do not look like a lonely weirdo. At least, I can be an weirdo with friends.)

With this being said, go forth and be yourself through your social network marketing pursuits. You will find that people are much more attracted to the interesting version than the stodgy, never takes a chance version that puts people to sleep. In the meantime, please enjoy this interesting look at viral video marketing through the “Virals of Love”!