Been playing with different video marketing software options lately. I know that can be a deadly combination; new video software and me. However, it has allowed me to play with video marketing software that I believe will be very helpful to a number of the readers of this blog.

This post will review a number of different video marketing software options in the first part and then there is a free bonus tomorrow as I discuss in-depth how to create a video with Video Prospector (one of the software options).

Video Marketing Software Options

Here is a list of video marketing software tools that I have used in the past. Please note that some of these products are for Windows and other for Macintosh. Also, some are premium and others free (A few of the premium are affiliate links).

  1. Camtasia– This is one of the premium video marketing software for creating screenshot videos and also editing the videos as well. It is great for editing, because they have a number of different features, including removing the cursor from the videos, changing the volume of audio,
  2. Video Prospector- This nifty little video marketing software is great for creating quick slideshow videos or for creating multiple videos at the same time. Great for video prospecting, since you can create similar versions of the same video.
  3. Windows Live Movie Maker– This software generally comes with Microsoft Windows.
  4. Final Cut Pro (Apple-please note I have not really used this product, because I have windows). This comes with most Apple computers and laptops.
  5. Free 3GP Video Converter– Often it is a bit challenging to create videos in the correct format for all the different types of video files. This video converter allows you to convert MP4, FLV, CAM, and other file types into various WMV, AVI, and other video formats.

While the type and variety of video marketing software is extremely diverse the tools listed above have been tremendous in helping me with my business over the years. Do you have any video marketing software that you like for your online marketing?