Online marketing has become a great way for businesses to promote themselves and their products. There are many marketing sites available on the web, including a few that businesses may not have considered before. Social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, have become important tools for many businesses in creating customer interest and reaching a demographic in a new, and cheap, way.

An Easy Way to Reach Customers Everywhere

Millions of people log onto Facebook and Twitter everyday which provides an excellent medium to engage with an abundance of customers in a new and easy way. Setting up accounts for either site is free and it only takes a few minutes a day to keep up a steady stream of information that will keep fans and customers involved.

Creating Accounts with Facebook and Twitter

There are a few different ways to use Facebook for marketing purposes. Some people prefer to create a personal account, and then create pages to promote their business. This allows the person to use the site for their personal social needs as well as promoting their business. Someone who wishes to focus only on marketing their business can create a business account. Either account is easy to set up and get started on.

Creating a business account on Twitter is also quick and simple, just fill in the required information; name, email address, password etc. There are a variety of resources available on the website to help new members learn how to create tweets that will reach a much larger audience.

Tips for Improving Traffic Flow

• Be sure to update frequently. It is important to always have something new for followers to see.

• Make the site fun and interesting for followers. Create competitions that will reward those who bring the most new followers to the site with a coupon or free product.

• Allow both positive AND negative comments to remain on the site. View any negative comments as constructive criticism and reply to the followers comment to try and keep a relationship with them.

• When using Twitter it will be important to provide tweets often that will engage readers and provoke curiosity and a desire to find out more about the business. Creative, humorous, and interesting tweets will keep followers returning to the business’s site.

• Using Facebook requires a slightly more personal relationship with customers. It is important to provide frequent status updates to help boosts the number of times they will show up in followers’ news-feeds. It will also help boost visibility to interact with followers. More interaction between the business’s site and its followers also results in a higher chance that updates will appear in their news-feeds.
This guest article was contributed by Jennifer Bell from Health Training Guide. Check out her site to learn more about chiropractor training and other exciting health careers.