Users allow social networking to thrive! They are the reason that we go to social networks every day. We go because of our friends, family, co-workers, associates, and business contacts who all use and share these networks with us on a daily basis. Sometimes it is easy to forget that social networking is not about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube. Also, it is not about the newest technology? It is not even about the breaking news events. Instead, it is about the users and how they allow these networks to thrive with their continual participation and make the online networks we participate in so viable for us to use in the first first place.

Imagine going to LinkedIn and no one had posted a comment in over a week. What would your thoughts be about returning? What motivation would you have to use the site again? Sites that have lower participation rates generally do not attract the numbers that a site with information continually coming in. User information is one of key ingredients of any social network. Without having someone to provide the massive amounts of information, a network would recede and not be a viable place to connect with others.

Additionally, think about what would happen when you looked to connect with people they had all been on another network or did not use social networking at all anymore. We would have no incentive to continue to use social networking.

Why am I pointing out something that might seem obvious to many? Because, everyday we go about social networking as if the networking were all about us. Instead, we need to start shifting our focus to others in our social network in an effort to continually treat others with more respect and awe.

I am as guilty as everyone else at forgetting to remember others. That is why I believe we need to continually think of others as we network. Whether for personal or professional reasons it must be about the people around us in our network. It is the users around us, our close friends and associates that make these networks amazing. So do your best to think about someone else for a few moments after this post and help at least 1 person today. It will be worth your time. In fact, it is the reason we should all be using social networking in the first place.