Cool, updated Facebook Fan Pages just came out last night. Take a look through the site to find out more about how you can use Facebook fan pages to build your business. My only thought is that it is about time that Facebook integrated the fan pages with the rest of Facebook.

What are your thoughts on the updated Facebook Fan Page?

Update: August 26th, 2012: While this post is a bit old I think that the ideas of how to use the Facebook page are still pretty great. The one big challenge with this is that the new timeline has completely change how to use Facebook Fan Pages for your business.

I have found three ways to use a Facebook fan page in a useful way.

1. As a way to keep current clients and prospects up to date on your business.

2. As a way to create a community between your clients where they can create valuable connections.

3. As a way to provide quality information to prospects and clients to help them understand what you do and become a constant resource to them. The keyword here is constant resource.

I hope this little update helps you understand Facebook Fan Pages in a new light.