Wanted to give everyone a heads up on some upcoming Google Hangouts on Air Events. If you have never been on a Google Hangout on Air, I definitely recommend testing out this incredible tool from Google. While Google may have its faults, they definitely got it right with Google Hangouts on Air. With a simple webcam and internet connection you can start networking with people around the world just like you would with people in your own backyard.

Upcoming Google Hangouts on Air

Social Media Community Hangout [singlepic id=3 w=300 h=220 float=right]

Our Social Media Community Hangout on Air is today at 3 PM CST. The link above is the event link. Also, make sure you join the Social Media Community to connect with small business owners, bloggers, social networkers, and other professionals. Please note: We can only include the first 9 on Air. Everyone else will be able to watch live from YouTube.

Helpful Hint: Use Plus.ly to set up a Google+ url shortner for your Profile. That way you can share the username with others on YouTube. For example, Plus.ly/andynathan. If you enter @andynathan for Plus.ly

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MeetWP Hangoutmeetwpme-logo-social-square

MeetWP is having their next online meetup August 13th at Noon CST. The speaker will be Chris Lema. More details to come on his discussion.

Keep in mind that we stream all events live to MeetWP.Me. Again, make sure to join the MeetWP Community, so you can connect with others in the WordPress community. This community is for all walks of WordPress users from beginners to developers.

Why Join A Google+ Hangout on Air

Everyone always asks how to create valuable connections online? Whatever platform they are using, you need to leverage the connections and turn them into professional relationships with others in your industry. I have found that there is no better way to do this online other than simply talking to people. Simple as that may sound. Google+ Hangouts on Air provides one of the best methods possible to talk to people online. You really get to know them. So, with that in mind, please join us at one of our upcoming Google+ Hangouts on Air.

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