Thanks for the article from Laura Ryan

I’m by no means a handy-woman and would never claim to be. However, I was not aware of the extent to which I am an UN-handy woman. Luke was out of town last weekend and I decided to do some long-overdue decorating and warm up the house before he returned. I had big plans: hang pictures, touch uppaint, add shelving, and give the floors a good mop-down. Unfortunately, I had to do all these “fun” projects amidst my other weekend chores: paying bills, laundry, laundry, laundry, and – the one thing Lu asked me to do while he’s gone – Shop for energy in El Paso and see if we could get a better deal before the winter hits. Anywho, between energy websites and loads of darks, I started installing drywall brackets, leveling screws, and changing light bulbs. Started. I embarked on umpteen new projects and finished zero. First of all, to be fair, drywall screws are not user-friendly. And, who needs a level anyway? A person with four arms, that’s who. Needless to say, Luke came home to a bigger mess than he left and a very sweaty, frustrated me. What a lucky, lucky man.