TwitterFeed is one of those tools that I think 100 years from historians will say led to the complete automation of Twitter and perhaps society. It is such a cool toy to play with, however, for a budding internet marketer that I feel we should spend some time addressing this toy.

A quick note first, however, if you are looking to use Twitterfeed solely for economic gain stop! You will do well to remember that there are other options out there and that just automating Twitter will not necessarily bring in riches. You also need to man your Twitter accounts for great social media income.

TwitterFeed Tutorial

TwitterFeed Video Overview

As I discussed on the video, learn how to use Twitterfeed to create, edit, and delete feeds that can be used for additional content for Twitter.

The idea behind Twitterfeed is that it can automatically supplement the content you provide manually to the site. Taken together it makes your social networking on Twitter that much stronger.

With that in mind, definitely start exploring Twitterfeed to get a better idea of how the site can help transform your use of Twitter and make your life easier. One might almost say it can make you Smart At The Start.

Have a happy exploration of TwitterFeed!