It has been a little while since we’ve covered this subject so I thought I would readdress the top Twitter tracker tools. Some of the tools are still the same; however there have been some changes since the last address this topic. It is best to do a review every few months of the tools, since you can benefit from the changing technology.

The first Twitter tracker tool is Social Oomph(Note: user and affiliated with company). This site is great for automatically following and sending out messages on a scheduled basis. I really love the ease and convenience of using it. Additionally, I can have numerous accounts listed here, as well as my Facebook and blogs can be scheduled through the site as well. Additionally, they just came up with a partial solution to recurring updates. You can schedule a few different Tweets in one update and it will randomly select your tweets. Finally, there are some good statistical tracking that can help you understand your following batter.

The second twitter tracker following tool is Tweetdeck. This tool helps you separate tweets by category, keyword, and hashtag. I can review as many different keywords and hash tags as I want and they are all available live. It is a great method for discovering what your prospects and networking partners find to be relevant topics to your business.

The third twitter tracker following tool is Hootsuite. Now I will be upfront and tell you do not use this tool as much as the previous two. Regardess, I have a number of friends who rave about the site so I wanted to include it for those of you who might be interested in learning about it features and benefits. Hootsuite combines some of the aspects of Social Oomph and Tweetdeck. Plus you can include RSS feeds as well. The site allows you to schedule tweets plus Facebook updates. Also, similar to Tweetdeck you can search for different categories and keywords of what your prospects and networking partners are discussing right now.

In the end it does not matter what twitter follower tracker tool you use. The main thing is that you use one, because I can tell you from experience that the first few months when I was on Twitter and did not have these tools it made my Twitter experience more challenging. When I finally started to use various Twitter tracker tools it enabled me to effectively grow my social network on twitter.