Create an amazing twitter profile in order to brand yourself.

Without the right Twitter profile you sort of ruin the anticipation of where to go next. This is your chance to shine, because people have specifically gone out of their way to connect with you on your Twitter account and now want to learn more about you.

So make sure that you have the following items in your Twitter profile complete before you direct traffic there from your tweets.

Twitter Profile Tips

  1. Fill out your summary section, so people have an idea of who you. Do not be mysterious. Mystery is great for spies, but bad for business.
  2. Have a link to direct people. Whether to a squeeze page or just a blog like this. Have a place for them to go.
  3. Include a picture. A shadowy outlined figure goes back to point #1.

You do not have to do anything amazing, just do what 90% of other business professionals forget to do with their profile. Just the basics!

So let me know how you have updated your Twitter profile today!