Like a lot of people around the world I love stories as a way of communication, which is why I like the Twitter Stories that just came out. Twitter just released a new user name called @TwitterStories. Twitter Stories are exactly how they sound. Stories about how Twitter has helped shape people’s lives in numerous ways from finding your soul mate to how the FBI is announcing top 10 criminals being caught through their Twitter channel. Yes you could say it is a bit self-promotional, but they have some really great stories out there.

As a side note before I go farther, I know that Facebook has done similar stories on their blog in the past as well. So definitely keep an eye out for other stories out there.

For those who doubt the power of social networking in today’s world this is a perfect example of how sites, such as Twitter are creating new bounds between people.

Favorite Twitter Stories

Scrolling through the 100 tweets that Twitter Stories has compiled, here are a few of my favorites(The link actually goes to my favorites).

The story of how a couple connected via Twitter. He was in Indy and she was in Brooklyn.

The Twitter user who travelled around the world using only the generosity of strangers

How a lost child was found through Twitter in 3 hours

NASA invited 150 followers to the final launch of the Endeavor

Morton Steakhouse delivered a steak to a man who asked for it on Twitter

Two companies created a partnership because of a Tweet from a follower

These are just a few of the many stories that Twitter Stories is telling on the site. I am sure they will have a lot more in the future, but for now this is a really great place to learn a little about how Twitter works in a number of different ways to keep the lines of communication open.

Do you have any Twitter Stories you want to share?