As we enter the new month, I want to announce an idea that I had briefly discussed about Twitter Retweets in Location Based Social Networking: Egypt. The idea that I was discussing earlier was to help 1000 of my followers with 1000 Retweets  in the month of December. Since, this is December 1st I will be starting today in order to get the most out of this campaign.

twitter retweets

Twitter Retweets Time!

The question you are probably asking is why undertake an idea, such as retweeting 1,000 of your followers? The reason is very simple. I want to give back to as many people who have followed me on Twitter, subscribed and posted comments on my blog, become my fan on Facebook, and have used my services.

This is the season for giving back, so this is, but a small way of saying thanks! I appreciate everyone who has been there to help me, and I want to give back.

So, please let me know what you want me to Retweet. Please put your tweet in the comment section below. I only have three requirements for this retweet.

  1. No porn, drugs, alcohol, political advertising, CPA ads, or religious tweets. This is not for the controversial or overnight millionaires.
  2. Make sure that if you send me a link it will not contain any type of spam, viruses, or pop ups. I am fine with this advertising your business, as long as it is done respectfully.
  3. If you want to include a link, make sure that you have an accurate introduction sentence explaining what my followers are clicking on. Do not tell people they can win an iPad and then send them to an online survey.

Aside from the guidelines above I am open to what you can send me for a retweet! I will keep everyone posted throughout the month to let you know where I am at with the Retweet count. Thanks again, and enjoy your Twitter Retweets!