I was looking around at my Twitter pictures on the site. Kinda boring I thought to myself! Actually, I only had one picture that was repeated across my profile. That is unacceptable to me!

It also got my mind racing on how I could use Twitter pictures to add another level of engagement to Twitter marketing. Here is my goal! I want to be able to start using Twitter pictures at least 2x weekly to bring another dimension to my Twitter marketing.

And why the heck not! The reality is that using Twitter has to be updated for a lot of marketers. The great old Twitter marketing machine is getting clogged with links from every feed imaginable.

I am not saying that automation is not a bad thing, because I do this myself. However, links alone do not make you stand out. Therefore, time to be different again. Who better than a social networking schmoozer hell bent on spreading the message around the world of how businesses can go from snooze to schmooze!

So I created a short little video to help you get started. My recommendation is to find some pics you already like and start using services, such as Flickr, TwitPic, and Others to begin uploading them to Twitter for some additional flavor.

Twitter Pictures Video (Kinda Funny To Have A Video On Twitter Pictures)

Twitter Pictures Note

One thing that I will add is that my Flickr pic did not go onto my recent images, so it might be best to use alternative photo sharing sites. When I uploaded a photo from UberTwitter on my blackberry it worked perfectly!

Now go forth and discuss your Twitter Pictures with the world!