Twitter News!

A little bit of Twitter news for those tweetaholics out there. Twitter has a new video clip on their site that they are changing Twitter and how the site will be different.

There are a number of cool changes on the new Twitter that will reflect how we access information on the site. From the video preview below, they are discussing how they are integrating video, photos, and maps into Twitter itself, so you do not have to always go to other sites looking to find out what video people Tweeted. Additionally, you can check people’s profile without leaving your Twitterstream.

The convenience factor is great, and even better for entrepreneurs looking for video and photos to go viral this will really help them. Instead of people having to click from site to site they can access videos and photos immediately as they use Twitter. That means more clicks on content and also additional potential revenue from those clicks.

So the Twitter news here looks mostly positive! I think the features will make Twitter more convenient for its users. Convenience equals more people and that is why I believe the Twitter news that they are coming up with updates is great.