Ever want a free lead machine?

Then use twitter as a get lead machine. Now, I am not saying that you send every person on twitter a script that sounds like your cold call script. Instead, what you can do is use twitter to connect with a wide variety of prospects. Start up a conversation with them on twitter. RT their comments, thoughts, etc and also reply to what they have to say.

Additionally, invite them to friend you on facebook so you can find out more detailed information about your prospect. What are they looking to achieve? What line of work are they in? Who are their friends? The list goes one. Continue to connect with them on both services and then call them or email them to meet with you and take the relationship to the next level.

That is what we call a twitter lead machine! Use it wisely and business will come in droves. Use it poorly and you will be known as the spammer spencer that all prospects know to avoid.  I would end this with the lines, “Only In America can we do use such amazing toys”, but the truth is that this is a universal principle that can be used throughout the world.

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