“Twitter is dead!” A customer just told some of my business partners that Twitter is dead. This scares me in a way, because I have to wonder what bubble most businesses are in to say this, due to recent changes in the economy.

Maybe the keyword here is change. Change is always hard on people, but a revolution like the one we have had in marketing over the past year or two can fundamentally shake some people to the core, and we are definitely in a marketing revolution right now.

According to emarketer.com, in 2009 there was $2.2 Billion spent on social networking by businesses and that number will just grow this year. However, social media spending is dead, because twitter died.

While change can be difficult, it can be rewarding to embrace change, because it opens up our minds. The first time I saw Twitter, I looked at it, said I do not get it, and then get off. I said the same thing about the internet. The thing is I opened my mind to both of them and it has enhanced my life immeasurably over and over again.

So, I say embrace change and please do not tell me that twitter is dead. Please retweet this to everyone on twitter, so they know that twitter is dead and why would you waste your time on the site.