South By Southwest (SXSW), the big Interactive, Music, and Entertainment conference is taking place right now. Evan Williams, the CEO of Twitter (Check the February 12th Post), stated that they are looking to expand past the API’s to make it easier for other websites to share content on Twitter through their new Twitter anywhere program.

The idea is to make it easier for website owners to allow Twitter information on their site that users can then post on their twitter pages without having to go back and forth between Twitter and the website. The initial test will be done on some of the bigger websites, such as Youtube, Digg, and Yahoo, but will become available to a larger audience once the tests have proven successful.

Twitter stated in their blog that the reason behind this move is to add the Twitter experience to other websites, and continue with their open technology platform, where many websites connect with Twitter through the API that is on the website currently.

This move will also allow them to compete with Facebook Connect, which has had a significant advantage of Twitter with all of the websites that users can connect to using their twitter id’s wherever they go. Most websites now already offer Facebook Connect, so this will be a tough market for Twitter to succeed with.

The advantages, however, far outweigh the costs, as Twitter can extend their brand greatly and provide users with an easier system for them to connect with their followers wherever they go. This is a win-win for consumers looking to log into a few different places without having to remember all of the user names and passwords. Additionally, this will help web site owners as they look to comment feedback on their blogs, and the ease of use will allow greater numbers to participate in the conversations going on around the web.