And Social Networking 101 continues with Twitter 101. Today we delve in the basics of Twitter and how to get started with the site. The non-add version of a site that creates 150 million Tweets everyday is upon us. Let’ get started with Twitter 101.

Twitter 101 Course Syllabus

Twitter 101 Review

So for those keeping track you will probably notice that I created another Twitter account today. While on Facebook I would definitely not recommend this, it is ok to have a few different accounts (business, personal, etc.) on Twitter. Do not go crazy, but do not feel limited to one account like Facebook.

Additionally, in Twitter 101 the biggest things you will be doing here are bringing people into your network. While Facebook in some ways serves many purposes Twitter is more straightforward in their approach to networking. Yes their are pictures and videos, but you go on to connect with people in a forum like setting. It is there to build your network as a marketer and get the word out.

So, here we go! We have everything set up for Twitter 101! Let us know what you set up for your new Twitter account?