Ever want to tweet like a pro? Rapid fire tweets about your business, creating closer connections with your current network, and providing quality information to help enhance your brand. Now you can do this through our Tweet campaign.

Our system helps you get more traffic to your site through social networking. We make it easy for you to get more exposure for your business.

Enjoy the benefits of a customized campaign created by enhancing your brand on Facebook and Twitter. The best part is that we do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on what is important to you.

The system is designed around making your life easier by creating content for you and also scheduling your updates in advance for almost any period of time that you want for Twitter.

Consistency is the key to any business. Through the Smart at the Start Updates campaign you now can keep your customers updated on a daily basis with little effort from you.

The information you provide will be used to create a personalized campaign of 100 tweets designed to help your company focus it’s message on building your brand.

Finally, we know that you want the highest quality content to be seen by your customers, which is why we send a proof to every customer that must be approved in writing before being sent out to guarantee that you are getting the best content for your money.

Here’s how to get started today using our 3 step program to success. First the easy part is to register below. Next instructions will be sent to you to fill out the Smart at the Start Update Form.

At this point, your work is finished (HURRAY!) and all that is needed is your approval.

Next, we then match up your answers to our 17 point program for social networking success to determine the best way to convey your message to your social network.

The system is designed to save you time, while getting the most for your post.

You know that small details can mean a big difference for your business. So we check out numerous ways to improve your campaign, such as what hashtags and keywords attract attention on Twitter, the optimal time to post on Twitter, how many times to post information, and also what is the ratio of promotional tweets to information tweets.

So to recap here is what the Smart At The Start Updates Campaign includes:

*  100 customized posts for your business on Twitter
* 17 Point Program for social networking success
* Auto-scheduler to schedule Updates in advance.
* 1 proof to review. (additional proofs $50/each)
* 72 hour turnaround time*

Now we are making it even easier to get your campaign started with our 3 step program, we can get provide you the edge you need.

1. Sign up
2. Fill out the Social Networking Success Form
3. Approve the proof we send you

So what would you expect to pay for a program like this?

Most social networking companies would charge you $300 for a campaign like this.

No Way!





Normally we charge $75 for this campaign, but for the next 48 hours we will be lowering this price to $50.

That is 100 tweets for $50!

Only .50 cents per post can you get you this entire package. Act now before we come to our senses and raise the price on this fantastic deal!