I have discussed the importance of consistency many times on this blog, so I do not want to get to much into that with this post. Instead I want to talk about the importance of Tweeting everyday, so people do not forget you. Forget me you say. Yes, you might get forgotten and banished to a land far from the Twitterverse.

Ever go onto Twitter and think that you might get lost in the shuffle? It can happen, and the fear of Twitter obscurity is something that all of us face from time to time. The cure for that is to actively start tweeting everyday. Start discussing different topics everyday. That way you will not have that sinking fear that what you are tweeting is worthwhile.

Additionally, The more that you do the more benefit you will receive from just being there. You do not do it everyday just because it is fun to socialize, as a business the greater benefit is that the more you are there the more people will trust you and see you as a valuable source of information and a trusted adviser.

Also, make sure that when you are tweeting you are tweeting on message. There are people out there who lose their way a little in terms of tweeting. Either they go into long bouts of going off topic, or they become negative. Do not be the person who goes onto Twitter with an agenda to talk about your troubles. People do not want to hear it.

Instead focus on positive ways that you can help your readers. Look at how you can provide them with tips on building their business, increasing their wealth, bettering their health, etc. Whatever your business is you need to focus on how to help people achieve that. Scare tactics are out. Start being a positive influence on your network. That way you will have an easier time making new connections and building them with your current social network.

The other reason why you need to go online is that the ritual of doing this can be a great way to keep on message for your business. Have you ever gotten into a rut in business? Going on sites, like Twitter provide you with a few items that you do not always receive in your daily life: 1. Positive people. There are tons of them looking to meet people on Twitter. Just extend yourself a little and you can find them. 2. Writing your tweets everyday will remind you why you do what you do everyday. Are you there to help people with building their financial dreams. Then discuss that as your motivation. Want to help people enjoy a little relaxation in the sun? Then show your network how you can get them there. Reinforcing messages to your customers will also do daily wonders for you as you spread your message to people and also keep yourself focused.

Tweeting everyday is a philosophy that will help you through the challenging times as you start social networking and do not know whether what you are doing has any benefit to people. Now you have the opportunity to experience full blast. Just 140 characters can take you to places previously unimaginable.