This is an updated tutorial post about TweetAdder. The previous post on the TweetAdder was done about a year and a half ago. A lot has happened, since that original post. I thought an updated tutorial was in line, so that you could use this awesome tool more effectively!

TweetAdder Tutorial Time

TweetAdder Uses

From following valued prospects, clients, and referral partners more effectively to getting rid of the flotsam who want everything to be a one way relationship to keeping on top of your Twitter account with a new stream of information this Twitter back office has some great options for your business. This tool single-handedly has helped me build my Twitter following on 3 accounts to over 20,000 followers, including my @andynathan account with 58,000 followers. But these are just numbers.

More importantly, TweetAdder has saved me thousands of hours following targeted prospects and referral partners on Twitter as I used this program to find some of my best referral partners and clients. I have had clients from Twitter that have stretched the country from Washington to Seattle and from Milwaukee down to Tampa. TweetAdder has created valuable connections that have helped me build my business.

For those looking to move your Twitter activity to the next step without having to hire a large staff of contractors to help you do it then you should take a look at TweetAdder.

Start finding new followers with TweetAdder today!