There have been rumors swirling around the internet about whether Yahoo is closing/sunsetting Delicious and MyBlogLog. Part of the rumor relates to a series of Tweets coming MyBlogLog founder Eric Marcoullier, which he sold to Yahoo in 2007. He found a slide, reportedly on the web, detailing Yahoo survival plans (They just laid off 4% of the company last week).  Techcrunch had a great picture of the slide detailing Yahoo’s plans. The original picture on Yfrog  is no longer online.

Tweeting the end of Delicious

Eric Marcoullier Tweet That Started The Firestorm

To me though that is only half of the challenge that Yahoo is having right now. They are one of the larger web 2.0 and social media companies out there. The fact that they have so blatantly misused social media in their response  by Blake Irving, Yahoo’s executive vice president and chief product officer below to this debacle is amusing. It shows how much companies still have to learn about social media.

Blake Irving Tweet

Yahoo's Response Tweet

My response to Mr. Irving’s response is, “Really Dude! You think you can post a tweet threatening to terminate someone on Twitter without it blowing up in your face.” That is obviously a response from someone who did not take a moment before he tweeted. So my fellow internet marketers, we now have our first example of how to always implement the Triple T policy of social media firestorm management.

Think Then Tweet!

Very simple! This should be your motto whenever you use Twitter to calm the publicity firestorms that happen from time to time. No longer, should we be reliant on the shoot from the hip, because it will never get us into trouble on Twitter mode. This entire debacle started because a former disgruntled entrepreneur hearing how someone was going to kill his baby blasted the company responsible on Twitter. Instead of putting up a public response, stating what was really happening threats were used.

I want to fire the person who provided you this information, please let me know who they are, including First and Last name along with the department might not be the best way to achieve your goals. Surprising at that sounds!

That is why I believe the Triple T Policy is so effective. You think then tweet! Very simple, very easy to understand. I know that in some cases it is hard to resist the jabs that you just want to take. I have been guilty of taking those easy pleasure jabs from time to time, but it must be resisted whenever possible.

You will do more good by going outside, start screaming at chickens crossing the street, and then walking inside with a cool and clear head as you calmly tweet what you need to say to help your company suceed.

So, In order to do this please repeat after me, “I, state your name, do solemnly swear that I will use the Triple T Policy whenever possible. Think Then Tweet will become my motto on Twitter.