There are a number of twitter followers tracking systems that people can use for checking out the number of followers that they have. Additionally, good Twitter followers tracker systems find out how many followers they have lost recently, what their projections are for the next 30 days, based on their past followings, and what their rankings are in their area, profession, and across Twitter. Here are the three best Twitter followers tracker systems:

1. Twellow is the Yellow Pages of Twitter. This is one of my favorite twitter follower tracker systems, since it has a map feature that allows you to see how many people are on Twitter in the United States, by state, and city. Additionally, it shows you how everyone measures up in rank by City and Profession.

For example, I am listed under @andynathan as 44th in Chicago. When you check out real estate investment, however, I am list as number 25 on Twitter for that category. You can also then connect directly through Twellow with other Real Estate Investors on Twitter. It is a great way to find people who are in your field or in your twellowhood as Twellow calls it.

2. Twittercounter is another tracker system. This system follows only you and people you select. The great advantage of using it is that you can find out exactly how many followers you have now, your past 3 months of follower history, and also what your twitter rank is on Twitter. I am in the top 5,000 most followed people on Twitter. Need to get more than 10 million followers in order to beat Mr. Kutchner. Just Kidding. On a more serious note this is a great way to see where you are and where you will be going on Twitter.

3.  Twitterholic is the 3rd Twitter followers tracker system. What twitterholic does that is unique is that it crawls your Twitter account once a day to find out how many followers that you have. It then projects what your follower count is for your area and on Twitter. I like Twitterholic, because it ranks me 30th in the Chicagoland area and roughly 3,330 out of all of the followers on Twitter.  It is an ego trip for sure, but makes me feel good that is where my stats are for my usage on Twitter.

So these are the 3 best systems for tracking your twitter followers. Use them to grow your Twitter following, but remember that in the end as always it also about being able to create relationships out of the followers that you have. The Twitter followers tracker systems are just a cherry on top.