I had a thought that the irrational fears people hold stop them from using social networking for business. This seems to be a terrible crime. Therefore, we must promise to let no fear, no excuse, no lame brained idea pass before we stop the irrational fears of the social networking non-users.

Now for a better question. How do we do this?

Well, my inside sources tell me that we must define these irrational fears first. Just like Harry Potter calling Voldemort by his name instead of He Who Must Not Be Named, we must name the irrational fears people have about social networking. That way we can strike down the death eaters of social networking with a simple Expelliarmus spell! Note: It is Friday, and I am pumped about the upcoming Harry Potter movie!

After that, people can more rationally evaluate the pros and cons of social networking to use it in their business.

Top Ten Irrational Fears

  1. Money-People have this fear that you need to go onto social networks and spend a lot of money in order to be successful. The fact is the majority of successful people did this without spending too much. It is more affordable then you think.
  2. Time-The excuses for this one would take up more time than we have time. If you do not have time to do social networking, please stop reading this article and just email me at andy At andynathan.net so I can help you overcome that challenge!
  3. Waste of time- I separated this, because business professionals feel social networking will just fill up their day. When you have a plan you will be fine!
  4. Privacy-I have said this a lot, but here it goes again. Stop worrying about security. If you do not want something shown, then do not show it. Donations for the Andy Nathan Social Networking Security fund can be sent via paypal!
  5. Can meet people other ways. Yes, you are absolutely right. You can and should meet people through a variety of methods. The fact is that I mix social networking with networking. It doubles my impact!
  6. This is a fad. This might be more of an excuse from the irrational fear than an actual fear, but the people who call it a fad and wait 10 years for the next fad to come along can then say they are right. Congrats on losing a decade of your life!
  7. What if people talk negatively about me? We are all social animals who live and die on others thoughts as well as our own. No one wants their ego in tatters. Please realize that I have been torn asunder and bounced back. You can too!
  8. What about the stalkers and freaks? Fortunately, I have not found the need for a full time body guard after all my social networking activity. There are as many stalkers in real life as there are online. Did you still go outside this week?
  9. Learning is just not right at my ripe old age of (fill in the blank)! You are only too old if you believe it. Otherwise, get that old age …stuff out of this conversation.
  10. “I remember when….” The Fifties are gone, and so are the sixties, seventies, eighties, and nineties. I heard some late breaking news that the first decade of this century just came to a close as well. Now for an update from the here and now!

There will always be irrational fears that prevent you from doing something. The time was not right. You just need to finish xyz first? Social networking for business is becoming a way of life. There is always a reason to stay in your cave. Now figure out your reason to be greater than your irrational fears.