Have you ever sat there and dreamed about the applications of User Generated Content? Or Am I that much of a nerd that I am the only person to delve deeply into the topic.

User generated content is simply a site that is a collective of different content creators all sharing information on the same site. A perfect example of user generated content is Youtube. Users supply the vast majority of videos to the site.

User Generated Content Benefits

  1. Multiply the content you could put out by yourself. As a blogger, I love the power to influence social media trends. At the same point, I am always looking to leverage that knowledge, so a larger audience could benefit. One way that I do this is through guest contributions. If I wanted to take this to the next level I would definitely through more outside contributors to my blog.
  2. Increase your search traffic with the additional content you have from multiple sources. The more content you put out the more chances you have to be found by Google.
  3. Provide a constant source of information to engage visitors. You can always be coming up with new content to help your visitors grow.
  4. An active site looks more professional, because you are constantly updating your site to keep up to date for your readers.
  5. The content generators generally become some of your biggest advocates. They are the people who are more committed to your site succeeding versus traditional readers.

User generated content is a tremendous tool to help you build your site traffic. User generated content helps you work smarter.