To Find Out About The Blogging Myth Just Ask Kim

Deep in the corn fields of Carlyle, IL lies a blogging myth larger than life! This is a blogging myth built on trust and hard work. One where brains and execution come together in a single point of coolness!

For those of you unaware of this blogging myth of unbelievable talent than look no further than Kim Castleberry. She is a Jill-of-All-Trades and looking to share her knowledge about social networking, affiliate marketing, and relationship building on her site

Her posts are some of the most detailed and informative posts out there on a bevy of social media, affiliate marketing, and marketing in general to convey her worthy of the rare “Must Read” category every week on my list of blogs to check out.

Additionally, as a member of the TSA community, she has been a fantastic leader who has been able to instill a sense of community and purpose into the group, based on her understanding of how different communities work. As she puts it on her blog, “So much of what is pivotal in social media all comes back to small town business behavior… inter-dependencies of businesses, name recognition, looking out for the community, allowing the community to look out for you, building a community that becomes like family, and having quite a lot of our lives known by everyone around us in genuine authenticity.”

She has taken this small business community idea and melded it with her experience as a mass multi-player online gamer. One of the things that has always enticed me about games is that they are a quick role play of how you live out life in fast forward. We see what happens as you live out life in hours and days versus months and years.

When we grow up (OK! When every one else grows up, because I know I am still a Toy’s “R” Us Kid), we can then put those practices into play. We understand how to build a city, because we did mock build ups on Sim City. Create a business empire, because we did that on Civilization 2 or Empire Earth. Or create a community of like-minded people, because we did it before on a MMOG.

That is where Kim’s talent’s come in. She has built the real relationships before, and now is taking those skills into the business world to share with everyone ready to build true relationships for internet marketing success.

So who is the blogging myth of legend, Just Ask Kim.


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  1. Hey Andrew – Great post here. You are so very right, if anyone ever needs any help with blogging, then Kim is the person to go to. She is so willing to share her wealth of information who all you want to learn.

  2. Hello Andy,

    A very fitting tribute to Kimberly. I have to say I have found Kim to be super helpful and direct. She wrote a very succinct post about ironing out quirks with Commentluv… truth be know the quirk lie not within the plugin in but in my case the user!

    Kim identified 3 common experiences mentioned by users that had problems and she wrote a really helpful post.

    I’ve also recently share Kim’s newsletter all about the spam virus spreading apps that have become prolific of late on Facebook

  3. Kimberly has been my go-to goddess for all things WP and techie for over a year now.

    She is one of the smartest, caring-est and most astonishing source of information that I’ve ever come across ~ but her REAL talent is getting you to the point of relative competency without making you feel like a complete imbecile in the process.

    Truly, whenever I have a question about WP, FB or pretty much any social media platform, I always ‘just ask Kim’.

    the goddess known as Jacqui

  4. Right you are, Andy.

    But this is not news to just about anybody who’s been building their business with social media techniques for the past couple of years.

    We’re a fortunate group in the know about the talents of Kim!

    Thanks, Andy, for making sure everybody’s up to snuff on the incredible resource of

  5. Andy,

    Wow, Kimberly sounds like an amazing resource to have in your back pocket. It will definitely be beneficial to refer back to her website for information as we need it.

    Thank you for sharing.

  6. Nice post Nathan and a great tribute to a super lady.

    It’s wonderful to read how Kim has affected your life and the lives of all those she has touched. I’ve only connected with her since joining TSA, but I do see the value she brings to the market place.

    Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  7. You couldn’t be more right Andy, her posts on her blog are absolutely the most detailed if not the only blog I have come across with so many details in it. And she doesn’t leave you hanging either with each step there usually an explanation as to the why or how etc of the steps especially if its tech related.

    And to boot shes an online gamer? I had no idea.

    • CJ,

      She has so many unbelievable posts that I definitely have used a number of them for my own blogging and social networking.


  8. Hi Andy,

    Well, I can certainly see your admiration for Kim! LOL. She is a great person and knows a lot. I had read about her beginnings in gaming and how she applied what she learned and experienced to her social networking strategies. I thought that was very clever of her. And I, too, have appreciated her guidance with our community. She is a real gem.

    By the way, I don’t ever plan to grow up either and will always be a toys r us kid, too! Keep playing!

    • Deb,

      Glad to know I am not the only eternal child!

      Kim is definitely amazing guiding the community!


  9. Andrew, WOW!…

    Fantastic information on Kimberly the go-to tech. She is amazing and so supporting with all displayed patients. She will follow you around to get you the information, you had request earlier. No place is to big in our virtual net world. Kimberly will located you and walk you through each step until the end result is to your liking. Amazing.

    She has demonstrated remarkable energy for all the task placed on her. I think she shows how someone who love what they do find extra empowerment from within. No time limits and no holding back. She supports others with that true servant’s heart.

    Well done Andrew and I look forward to your next amazing post.

    Very Truly Yours…

    • William,

      I completely agree with you on her amazing ability to get the information needed to get the job done!


  10. Hi Andy aka “Peter” as in “Pan” πŸ™‚ I don’t wanna grow up either. I agree 100% with your lovely accolade of Kimberly. She is a wealth of knowledge that she shares so freely with everyone. She is also extremely patient. I have this mental challenge when it comes to anything technical – my brain literally becomes mush! On more than one occasion, Kimberly has gotten me online and taken me by the hand to get to where I need to be! She deserves wings πŸ™‚

    • Julie,

      Alright! Growing is not great! Much more fun to be a kid

      She is definitely patient! She guided me with email marketing yesterday!


  11. Hmmmm. Is this what is meant by shmoozing? Like bragging up other colleagues, giving referrals, supporting them generously? Is schmoozing another way of saying networking? Is networking and schmoozing a basic entrepreneurial trait? Is networking and schmoozing prerequisite to collaborative activities? Is a promotional blog post about another colleague a great example of collaborative promotion, also sometimes called cross promotion?

    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes!

  12. I too have always found Kimberly very open and helpful. It is great to see someone being edified in such a glowing way by someone else.

    OK, you may be schmoozing here but this time it is all spot on and genuine.

    • Trevor,


      I appreciate your approval of my schmoozing approach! The only question is when was I not genuine.


  13. Great post, Andy! I have found a lot of value from Kim’s blog, as well as her list serve and course on social media. She has done a lot of great work, and I give you high marks for this great praise of a great blogger.

    • Steve,

      She is a valuable resource, so it was not challenging to discuss all the cool things she has done!


  14. Very nice and straightforward testimonial about Kim! I extremely agree with your post Andy. Kim is one of my VIPs in blogging and WordPress. She is such a valuable resource and I love her blogs. Really, two thumbs up! She deserves recognition through your blog.

    • Definitely one of the best blogging resources that there is. She really is amazing at building up wordpress blogs with just the right mixture. It looks like you know a few things about blogs yourself, since you have been blogging since 2007. That is impressive to look at your street cred.

      • Yeah. I’ve been posting some useful blogging tips too. But the blogging world is constantly evolving that everyone– whether young or old blogger– has to constantly learn new things too. Anyways, thanks for you compliments Andy. πŸ™‚

  15. Wow Kim has certainly made an impression in your blogging circles. Her blogging community and mine overlap a little but not nearly as much as I would like to see. I just wanted to mention that Kim is not only the go-to blogger for new bloggers – she is also high on the list of advisors to established bloggers too. I recommend and link to her regularly, especially when it comes to how to use Facebook for business.

    • Gail,

      Yes she has. I think all of our blogging communities overlap a little, but that is fine. She has helped me with her insights into blogging, and I would definitely not be a considered a newbie, so I definitely tip my hat to her when I can.


  16. Hi Andy,
    I followed a Facebook post on Kim’s site and found my way here. This is a nice endorsement of Kim. Not only is Kim a great resource, she is a genuinely nice person. Lots of times when I’m stuck, I’ll head on over to her site. Now… off to check out what you’re up to here! πŸ™‚

    • Sherryl,

      Thank you very much! Kim is an amazing resource. Let me know if you have any questions about my site.


  17. It is nice to have some one out there who can help with stuff as varied as you have specified here. I went to her blog and found out the posts to be quite informative. You gave her quite a recommendation. And yes, the recommendation was well deserved though.
    I recently wrote a post about the Top 10 Blogging Myths that bloggers fall for..

    I would appreciate comments about how the post has covered different aspects of misconceptions about blogging spread in the minds of newbie bloggers.


  18. A very fitting tribute to Kimberly. And I, too, have appreciated her guidance with our community. And yes, the recommendation was well deserved though.

  19. Hi Andy,

    yes, Kimberly is all those things you have said in your post and more.
    You have done a great job describing her with just a few paragraphs.

    One of the things I like about Kim is her generosity, sharing her knowledge and skills via perfectly crafted posts, videos and webinar.

    Thank you for the great tribute!