Deep in the corn fields of Carlyle, IL lies a blogging myth larger than life! This is a blogging myth built on trust and hard work. One where brains and execution come together in a single point of coolness!

For those of you unaware of this blogging myth of unbelievable talent than look no further than Kim Castleberry. She is a Jill-of-All-Trades and looking to share her knowledge about social networking, affiliate marketing, and relationship building on her site

Her posts are some of the most detailed and informative posts out there on a bevy of social media, affiliate marketing, and marketing in general to convey her worthy of the rare “Must Read” category every week on my list of blogs to check out.

Additionally, as a member of the TSA community, she has been a fantastic leader who has been able to instill a sense of community and purpose into the group, based on her understanding of how different communities work. As she puts it on her blog, “So much of what is pivotal in social media all comes back to small town business behavior… inter-dependencies of businesses, name recognition, looking out for the community, allowing the community to look out for you, building a community that becomes like family, and having quite a lot of our lives known by everyone around us in genuine authenticity.”

She has taken this small business community idea and melded it with her experience as a mass multi-player online gamer. One of the things that has always enticed me about games is that they are a quick role play of how you live out life in fast forward. We see what happens as you live out life in hours and days versus months and years.

When we grow up (OK! When every one else grows up, because I know I am still a Toy’s “R” Us Kid), we can then put those practices into play. We understand how to build a city, because we did mock build ups on Sim City. Create a business empire, because we did that on Civilization 2 or Empire Earth. Or create a community of like-minded people, because we did it before on a MMOG.

That is where Kim’s talent’s come in. She has built the real relationships before, and now is taking those skills into the business world to share with everyone ready to build true relationships for internet marketing success.

So who is the blogging myth of legend, Just Ask Kim.


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