Thursday Thoughts-Social Media Focus

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I predict we will be discussing Social Media Focus in this week’s episode of Thursday Thoughts. Oh wait! we are. This week’s Thursday Thoughts is about social media focus. How to create the focus you need for your social media business is key.

I know we discuss a lot of different social networks on this site. Partially, it is because there are a diverse group of entrepreneurs who visit this site and need different tools for their business. Also, it is my job to help you understand how these different tools help or hinder your business.

In the end, however, you only really a couple of good networks to build your business on. Having 50 social networks will not make you better at marketing. Focusing on a few networks and building relationships on those networks will definitely help.

The more you create laser focus in your social media strategy and in business in general the greater your successes. Don’t believe me? Remember that Google started out with a search bar, KFC started with the Colonel traveling from state to state with his chicken recipe, and Ford used to sell cars in any color “as long as it was black.” One idea used long enough will move mountains.

The same holds true with your social networking. You need to focus on what is best for your business. Above I discuss this in my weekly Thursday Thoughts podcast. Let me know in the comment section below how you plan to increase your social media focus?


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  1. I liked the examples you used about Google, KFC and Ford. That is so true! who knew then that they would be as big and successful as they are today?

    • Casey,

      Thanks! Everyone knows them today and just expects that they are a big corporation. The reality was far different when they first started.


  2. Probably because it is the medias job to tell use the truth if you are referring to news or educational media. Most of the news people hear is from the media. If not from the media then from the people you meet but they might have obtained the information from an unreliable source.

    • Huh? This is in regards to people marketing online. Are you sure you are responding to the right article?

  3. This post is amazing and I hope to be able to improve the quality of my work by taking this knowledge into consideration.

  4. Andy…I love how you laser tagged an super important point. The point of not getting caught up in being so involved in so many social media networks, but keeping in narrow in focus…aka “Being a Master of some rather than a Jack of All Trades”. Great post and thanks.